Affordable Vaping Top Quality Vape Gear On A Budget

Affordable Vaping Top Quality Vape Gear On A Budget

Affordable vaping is possible. You can get top quality vape gear on a budget. While it is generally true in vaping, as with all things, that you get what you pay for, it is possible to experience fantastic vaping from truly excellent, durable and reliable electronic cigarette products without having to break the bank. You can even get very affordable electronic cigarettes for each and every genre of vaping be it subohm, temp control or standard vaping. The competition in the market is fierce and that works to our advantage as consumers.

In addition to getting the best prices on top quality, affordable vape gear, you can also get premium USA made e-liquids for excellent prices. I am talking about the best eliquids made in a professional lab with the best ingredients to the highest standards. What you don’t want is overpriced ejuices that are blended in the backrooms of vape shops without any real professional safeguards or any real accounting of ingredients. While saving money is great, totally compromising on quality never works out well.

Our affordable vaping guide is going to focus only on quality products at great prices. It is possible to get a really terrific vaping product at a price that fits your budget. We will cover the best deals for vaping for beginners and the best prices for some advanced vaping products. We will not talk about cheap junk that is going to bust on you after a week or two. We are not going to talk about low quality ecigs. Last but not least, we are not going to talk about clones.

We are going to share several affordable vaping categories organized by price. In each category, we will try to cover products or combinations of products that let you get everything you need to start vaping. For example, if we talk about a vape mod that is under a certain price that’s great but you need more than just the mod to start vaping. You will also need a tank and, in some cases, a battery. So each and every price category will include a complete set of quality, reccommended vape products whenever possible.

Authentic Vaping Product Prices

high quality vaping products best prices

While we will be covering the most affordable vaping products we will not be reccommending any clones. Clones are a total disaster and they give the entire industry a bad name. They overheat, they don’t charge properly, they blow up and the list goes on. The worst part is that the clones look just like authentic top quality products. There are hundreds of ecig factories in China and a very large portion of them are dedicated to making clones. They may look alike, but clones use the cheapest possible components and are not good.

I always talk about this clone issue and I consider it a serious one. I have had emails from people who tell me that the cheap clones that they get from FastTech, Ali Baba or eBay are fine. They tell me that the clones are so cheap that when they break down they just buy new ones. I don’t believe them. Clones do not vape as well as authentic products. Clones do not last as long as authentic products. There is no reason to get ripped off by a clone. You can get high quality vaping products for low prices. There is no reaso that I can think of to be okay with being ripped off by a fake ecig.

The sad truth is that clones are everywhere. Even vape shops have been known to unknowingly sell clones vaping products. The best brands like Aspire, Sigelei, Kanger etc all have authenticity codes. What happens with a clone is that they fake the authenticity codes or they have used authenticity codes. So when customers check the codes, they find that the code is either invalid or has been used a thousand times before. When it has been used a thousand times, you know that at least one thousand people have bought a clone and entered the code.

The best way to avoid getting a clone is to buy from a reputable online store like Direct Vapor or to buy direct from an American vape brand.

Vaping Bundle Deals

One way to save money is by getting a vaping bundle deal. A vaping bundle comes with everything you need including eliquid. Some of the affordable vaping options will be vaping bundle deals. These packages will offer a range of products with discounted prices based on buying a volume of products.

Cigarette style starter kits, that is the electronic cigarettes that look like tobacco cigarettes, most often come in bundle deals. These are also called cigalikes. These particular ecigs are the easiest to use. Simply attach a pre-filled ecig cartridge to the battery and thats it. These types of starter kits come with everything you need to enjoy vaping right out of the box.

When it comes to mods or other advanced electronic cigarettes starter kits, including subohm and temp control kits, the components are sold separately. The mod is a separate product than the vape tank and often batteries and battery chargers are also sold as separate items. Now and then, companies and vendors will offer a vaping bundle package where they put a few products together and then offer a discounted price on the whole package. Vape bundles are a great way to get top quality vape gear at a lower price.

American ecig companies in particular are very good at offering tremendous vaping bundle deals. Quite often they include eliquid as well. With all of that out of the way, let’s get into the price categories and the best vape deals for each category.

Affordable Vaping Coupons

ECCR has a large number of affordable vaping coupons. Our ecig coupons are from the best American ecigs brands. A coupon deal can help you save a few bucks on a number of the best vaping products. save anywhere from 5% to 20% off of the purchase of vape starter kits and e-liquids. Who doesn’t like coupons!

Using our affordable vaping coupons is easy. There are basically two types of ecig coupons. Some coupon codes, such as VaporFi and South Beach Smoke, are automatically activated when you click the link to visit the company’s page. The coupon code will automatically apply your discount at checkout. Easy.

The other way to take advantage of a coupon code is to enter the coupon code when you are checking out and then getting the discount. ECCR’s coupon codes are the real deal. We do not have fake coupon codes like many other websites. We have authentic working ecig coupon codes from a number of leading brands.

You can see all of our ecig coupon codes posted on the ECCR website. I will also post applicable coupon codes for each product listed below.

Color Coded Vaping Categories

The four categories of affordable vaping are cigalikes, mods, subohm mods and temp control mods. Cigalikes are the types of electronic cigarettes that look like traditional tobacco cigarettes. These are most popular for people who are just starting out trying to make the switch to vaping or for experienced vapers who are looking for a convenient, easy to use backup vape. Cigalike starter kits will be color coded in green.

Mods will be color coded in blue. Mods are electronic cigarettes that include a larger capacity battery, often 650 mAh to 1300 mAh, and rely on a basic vape tank. These require you to refill the tank with e-liquid manually. Sub ohm mods will be color coded in red. Sub ohm mods are more powerful batteries capable of high output to atomizers with less than 1 ohm of resistance. This means a lot of vapor! Sub ohm mods work with high VG e-liquids.

The last color coded category is purple for temp control mod kits. These are higher end products and tend to run a little higher in price. But there are still exceptional TC mod kit vales that we have found and will share with you. So let’s get to it and find you the perfect thing right in your budget wheelhouse.

Affordable Vaping Under $20

There are not a whole lot of quality options for under $20. Remember, we want to focus on quality. Some shops and retailers are selling generic ecigs and mods for low prices but they are selling absolute trash. It is very important to get something quality that you are going to be happy with. While there are no subohm mods or temp control mods for less than $20, there are a couple of excellent products that will provide you a great vaping experience.

vaping on a budget with green smoke e-vapor

Some great news here actually. The best cigalike you can get is made by Green Smoke E-Vapor. You can get to most basic Green Smoke starter kit for less than $20. There is no reason to spend $10 or $15 on some ecig from the gas station when you can get the best of the best at a price like this. When you visit Green Smoke, you will automatically receive our ECCR discount!

apollo endeavor sub ohm vape mod

For less that $20 you can get a terrific, consistent vapor producing mod from Apollo eCigs. Apollo, a California based American vape brand, launched the Endeavor last year and it was an instant hit. Many rated it the best ecig mod of 2015. Well, you can get a single kit that includes one Endeavor mod, vape tank battery charger and e-juice for less than $20. Yes, the retail price is over $20 but with our coupon code you will be nicely under the twenty dollar mark. Use Apollo coupon code ECCR to save 20%.

Affordable Vaping Under $30

There are a couple of very high quality and affordable ecig starter kits for less than $30. We have a very good quality cigalike kit being sold at a greatly reduced price and for vape mods we have the Halo Triton Single starter kit. Both are actually exceptional quality. Also, for under $30 you can get a complete subohm mod kit including e-liquid. So, three great choices for three distinct styles of vaping.

south beach smoke electronic cigarette starter kits

The South Beach Smoke electronic cigarette starter kit has been drastically marked down in price and it was an excellent deal to begin with! This is a top quality ecig and feel free to take a look at our South Beach ecig review for more details. Right now you can get a huge South Beach ecig starter kit for less than $30. You will also save even more with our South Beach coupon that will automatically be activated when you click the image above and visit the South Beach website. By the way, South Beach also offers a full line of top quality USA made eliquids.

halo triton ecig mod starter kit

The Halo Triton Single starter kit is a complete vape kit with a price tag of only $24.99. It even comes with a bottle of Halo’s industry leading premium e-liquid. The Triton is a fantastic mod that is durable and reliable. Many of our ECCR staff members either use or have used the Triton and they all love it. We have a full Halo Triton ecig review and review video that you can check out and find out exactly why we are such big fans of this mod. Use halo coupon ECCR5.

joyetech ego one subohm vape mod

You can get a complete subom mod kit including eliquid for less than $30! The Joyetech eGo One comes with 2 atomizer coils. One is a 1.0 ohm coil for standard vaping and the other is a 0.5 ohm coil for sub ohm vapor clouds. The Joyetech eGo One vape battery will automatically adjust the power output for whatever coil resistance that you choose to insert. Mt Baker vapor will also include some free eliquid making this a complete and total subohm vape kit. The retail price is of this kit is $32.99 but when you use Mt Baker Vapor coupon code ECCR10 that will bring the price to less than $30 bucks.

Affordable Vaping Under $40

vaporfi express starter kit and a pack of ecig refill cartridges

In the under $40 category of affordable vaping we actually have a number of excellent quality ecigs and mods to pick from. In the cigalike category, we have the VaporFi Express kit. This vape kit comes with two cigalike vape batteries and two battery chargers. VaporFi refill cartridges come in five different flavors and four nicotine strength options. The Express kit itself sells for $29.99 and a 5-pack of ecig refill cartridges sells for $14.99. Factor in our VaporFi coupon and you will be at right about the $40 mark.

the innokin endura vape mod from mt baker vapor

For the best mod value under $40 we found that you can get the Innokin Endura T22 and Mt Baker Vapor ejuice. The Innokin T22 is a box style mod that is very compact and easy to use. The 2000 mAh battery will give you enjoyable, long periods of vaping without having to recharge. The Endura really does last! Hence its name, named after endurance. The Endura tank is Pyrex glass and high quality construction. The atomizer coils are 1.5 ohm and also long lasting.

the complete apollo endeavor ecig starter kit

For less than $40 you can get a complete Apollo Endeavor electronic cigarette starter kit. That is basically 2 ecig mods in one kit, battery chargers and eliquids. This is one of the best value you are going to find. We did a full ecig review of the Apollo Endeavor and this mod kit rated as outstanding across the board. Especially in the consistency category. With our exclusive Apollo coupon code ECCR you will save 20% off of any Apollo eCig purchase. That coupon also applies to Apollo’s USA made eliquids.

best value vape kit under 40

The Apollo Ohm Go vape kit is an exceptional value sub ohm vaping kit. The coils choices are 1.0 ohm or 0.5 sub ohm. The Ohm battery will automatically adjust making this kit super easy to use and enjoy. There are three colors to choose from. The black and white finsishes have a rubberized no slip coating. One of the best values on our list courtesy an American vape brand.

istick t100 temperature control vape mod

The iStick 100 TC vape mod is a very good temperature control capable mod with a price tag of under $40. This price is for the mod only. You will have to get the vape tank and ejuice separately. If you look at the Direct Vapor site, there are a couple of good TC tanks you can get for less than $20 but we recommend the Aspire Cleito which you can pick up for under $25.

For a 100 watt subohm mod less that $40, the iStick 100 TC is really fantastic. You may have heard about all the fake iSticks out there but don’t worry, you will always get totally authentic vaping products at the best prices from Direct Vapor.

Affordable Vaping Under $50

In the under $50 affordable vaping category, you start getting more bang for the buck and brilliant quality vaping. In this category, you can get a complete kit for every style of vaping. You know, there was a time, not too long ago, when vaping cheap meant spending $100 on a starter kit. As the industry has grown, technology has vastly improved and competition has become fierce, the price of vape kits has decreased dramatically. There has never been a better time to enjoy vaping.

green smoke electronic cigarette starter kit

The Green Smoke Express kit is one of the absolute best. We did a full electronic cigarette review of the Green Smoke Express kit and there is little doubt that Green Smoke E-Vapor makes the best cigalike in the entire vaping business. Mnay vapers cannot even believe how much vapor and satisfaction that they get from Green Smoke. The Express starter kit comes with 2 batteries, carry case, chargers and a pack FlavorMax ecig refill cartridges. Very easy to use and exceptional vaping. Use Green Smoke coupon simply by clicking the image above and your exclusive ECCR discount will be applied if you decide to take advantage so go for it, find out for yourself why Green Smoke has sold 40 million vaping products!

innikin endura t18 review and best price

Beautiful, durable and easy to use. The Innokin Endura vape starter kit comes somplete with 1000 mAh batery and 2.5 ml Prism tank with Pyrex glass and awesome airflow control. The Innokin Endura comes in four different colors so it has some style! It is compact and reliable. The 1.5 ohm atomizers provide excellent vapor very consistently. This is simply a great mod kit. The kit itself costs $27.95. So you can buy some top quality ejuice from Direct Vapor and still be under $50.

the kanger subox best price

The Kanger Subox Mini was one of the biggest sellers of 2015 and probably the best seller. The Kanger Subox Mini is a smooth operating mod capable of standard vaping, subohm vaping and the famous Kanger SubTank, that comes with the kit, gives you the option of a rebuildable atomizer deck. It even comes with the tools needed to build your own atomizer and organic cotton wicking. With our Mt Baker Vapor coupon, ECCR10, you can get the complete Kanger Subox kit including Mt Baker Vapor eliquid for under $50.

the same guys who made the snow wold mod now make the ipower 70 watt tc

The Laisimo iPower 70 watt mod comes from the makers of the famous but much more expensive Snow Wolf mod. It is a fully operational temperature control mod compatible with Nickel and Titanium coils. The Laisimo iPower 70 watt TC mod comes in a variety of color options. This is an excellent quality vaping device for less than $50. We had to include it in our affordable vaping list. That is for the mod only. Tank, battery and ejuice are separate. Nonetheless, this is an great example of affordable vaping products that are tremendous quality.

kangertech subvod tc vape mod

The Kanger SubVod is an amazing value. This is affordable vaping at its best. This is a complete TC mod kit with a 2300 mAh battery partnered with the new kanger TopTank with top fill design. The TopTank has a 4ml capacity and works with Ni and SS stainless steel coils. The technology is updated with the latest in technological and safety features. With variable wattage, temperature control, and adjustable airflow, you can dial in to your ideal vaping. The new Kanger SubVod makes advanced vaping affordable and accessible.

Affordable Vaping Under $60

We are getting into some really good stuff now. Vape kits under $60 still qualify as affordable vaping and you will be gettting into some excellent deals on top-flight quality electronic cigarette choices. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices and there is something excellent in this category for every style of vaper.

best value vape kit the halo g6 electronic cigarette

The Halo G6 ecig starter kit is another ECCR staff favorite. Lacey, our customer service specialist, started with the Halo G6 and she still uses it and loves her G6 to this day!  We all love the Halo G6 for its reliability and value. It is also pretty cool that Halo refill cartridges are filled with Halo’s elqiuid! Halo is one of the best places for American made, top quality eliquid period. Halo is also a place for great value ecigs. The Halo G6 kit is perfect for new vapers or as a backup for experienced vapers and mod users. Use Halo coupon code ECCR5 to enjoy a discount on your Halo G6 ecig starter kit.

aspire nautilus starter kit is one of the best affordable ecig kits

My favorite standard vape mod kit is the Aspire Premium starter kit. I am probably biased because it is my main every day vape. The Aspire Premium kit features the revolutionary Aspire nautilus tank. Specifically, the Nautilus mini with a 2.5 ml ejuice capacity. This is the tank that was a true game changer largely because of the adjustable airflow design and BVC (bottom vertical coil) design. Although the Nautilus has been out for a couple if years now, it remains a favorite and outstanding quality vape product. When you pick out your free Mt Baker Vapor ejuice with this kit, go with a 50 / 50 PG/VG blend. This beauty is timeless and will go down as a legend in vaping.

beginner ecig starter kit from vaporfi

The VaporFi Pro II is a fun and easy to use vape mod that comes in a bunch of different color options. You can really let your sense of style run wild with the VaporFi Pro II. The price is $48.97 but that does not include ejuice. Now VaporFi e-juice is among the very best. They use only the best ingredients and blend their eliquid recipes in a state of the art FDA registered lab. Along with Halo and Apollo, among the very best in eliquids. So, when you get the Pro II starter kit from VaporFi electronic cigarettes, pick up some VaporFi e-liquid and use our VaporFi coupon code and the total will be right around the $60 mark. Simply click the image above and when you go to VaporFi, your discount will be automatically applied if you decide to buy any VaporFi ecig.

the halo tracer sub ohm ecig starter kit

The Halo Tracer is a very easy to use subohm mod with massive airflow. The Tracer sub ohm vape tank is simple to refill and adjusting the airflow is a snap. The tank has a 3.5 ml capacity with an attractive and sturdy design. The Tracer tank works with 0.5 ohm atomizer coils The Tracer battery is a 2600 mAh powerhouse that is unregulated so you control the vapor totally. The Tracer vape kit comes with everything including a free 30 ml bottle of some of the best ejuice in the world from Halo. Use coupon code ECCR5 and enjoy a discount on checkout.

aspire odyssey temperature control vaping starter kit

The Aspire Odyssey is an advanced vaping device complete with an advanced ecig tank in the Aspire Triton 2. This mod is capable of various forms of vaping. It is a temp control mod but will also work with Triton 1.8 ohm coils for a standard vaping experience. The sub ohm Triton coils are 0.5 ohm Claptons, and will give you immense flavor and brilliant flavors. The mod will fire as low as 0.1 ohms. This mod will take you to 70 watts or as high as 600 degrees F. This TC mod is highly recommended. The Aspire Odyssey kit proves that affordable vaping includes enjoying some of the very best.

Affordable Vaping Under $70

The options in the $70 and under category of affordable vaping are simply stellar. The star is probably the Green Smoke Pro starter kit especially for new vapers. The options for mod users, subohm vapers and temp control vaping enthusiasts are also top notch products that you are going to love. At this price range, your bidget will be happy and your vaping is going to thrive.

green smoke pro elecronic cigarette starter kit

This is probably the best cigalike ecig starter kit that you can get. You will get the full range of Green Smoke E-vapor products all in one kit. This is for those of you who want the best. It was only 2 years ago that an ecig kit of this caliblre would cost twice as much. Now, you will enjoy the premiere cigalike starter kit for under $70. A great value. Use Green Smoke coupon code just by clicking on the image above. You will be taken to the Green Smoke E-Vapor website and if you decide to buy your ECCR discount will save you some cash. With this type of value, why not get the best, try Green Smoke.

affordable vaping options under 70 dollars

Obviously at this price range you are going to be able to get a premiere quality standard vaping mod. The VaporFi Platinum Pro II is that premiere quality mod. The sleek 650 mAh battery has surpsiing staying power. The Platinum tank is beatifully engineered and everything about this mod sceams quality. There are three different atomizer resistances that you can choose from and all of the wicking is organic cotton. The retail price of the VaporFi Platinum II is $58.97 but the kit does not come with e-liquid. Pick up some VaporFi e-liquid and with our automatic discount that you will get if you choose to buy (all you have to do to qualify for a discount is to click the box above) and all in you will be under $70.

the halo reactor mod represents the best in affordable vaping

For our affordable vaping category of subohm mods under $70 the choice was pretty easy. The Halo Reactor mod is a thing of beauty. This compact yet powerful 50 watt mod is capable of creating huge vapor clouds. The Halo Reactor sub ohm mod and Reactor vape tank are customizeable to suit your individual vaping preferences. This kit also comes with Halo’s amazing e-liquid. You get the best of everything with this sub ohm vape kit.

vaping cheap does not mean compromising on quality

The Smok Micro One 80 watt TC mod is a fully operational temperature control mod with the additional feature called “TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance)”. This feature is designed to enhance temp control and taste precision. This is a very sophisticated mod. It gets better. A lot better. The Smok Micro One starter kit from Direct Vapor comes with the Sok TFv4 vape tank! That’s a big deal because the TFv4 is the best vape tank according to many experts. The TFv4 is simply an easy to use vapor making masterpiece. This is a phenomenal temperature control vaping kit. If you like what you see, don’t even hestitate, it is as good as it looks.

Affordable Vaping Under $80

We have a lot more to choose from when thinking about affordable vaping options under the $80 mark. There are no cigalike kits in this vategory but for a beginner looking for something of excellent quality and a complete affordable vape kit, we went with the iJust 2 mod complete with extra coils and Cosmic Fog eliquid. Also at this price range we did not pick out a specific sub ohm mod frankly because the temp control mod that we chose, the Apollo Reliant, is both an amazing TC mod and sub ohm mod. Let’s check them out.

getting started with affordable vaping options like the ijust 2 ecig

The iJust 2 electronic cigarette bundle is a totally complete kit complete with some incredibly popular Cosmic Fog Milk N’ Honey e-juice. This kit is a fantastic choice for vaping beginners as well as for experienced vapers who should have a reliable, easy to use backup. The iJust is a serious vapormaker with a 2600 mAh battery that lasts and lasts. The iJust 2 tank is a dream to work with. Everything is precision on this puppy. So we have easy to use, amazing battery life, precision airflow control and incredibly satisfying vapor and flavor. This is one of the best beginner vaping bundles without a doubt. Makes a perfect gift.

apollo reliant temp control vape mod and apollo ecig coupon code

The Apollo Reliant 60 watt temperature control mod is often overloooked and that is a shame. The issues is that imprts dominate the ecig market. Imports have bigger margins for vape shops so you almsot never see American ecig products like the Apollo Reliant in a vape shop. It really is too bad because Apollo is an American innovator that makes some of the best eliquid and some of the best ecigs in the world. The Apollo Reliant TC mod is a prime example of the impreccable quality of Apollo vaping products. The Apollo TC vape kit comes with the Phazer vape tank, the best tank for controlling both airflow and eliquid flow to maximize vaping potential. This vape kit has a sticker price of $99.95 but when you use Apollo coupon code ECCR you will save 20% off. That brings the price of this premiere TC mod kit to under $80. Don’t miss out.

Affordable Vaping Under $90

tesla nano best price

With a military grade 4500 mAh battery, the Tesla Nano 100 Watt TC mod has become one of the most in demand vape mods in the entire ecig industry. This is affordable vaping without any compromise of quality. The Tesla Nano bundle complete with the Tesla Tornado vape tank gives you quality, convenience and versatility. The Tornado top fill tank features multiple airflow ports on both the top and bottom of the tank. The 0.4 ohm kanthal coils will take 55 watts and the Ni 200 temp control coils will handle up to 550 degrees F. This kit will let you find your vaping sweet spot and will consistently perform at an elite level.


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