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Voted Best 2017 e-cigs with Coupons

#1: V2 Electronic Cigarettes

V2 E-cigs

Best Choice for BeginnersGreat Value for Money

V2 Brand Rating: 9.5/10

Gaining points from their wide range of e-cigarette options, V2 took the first place on our list, for good reason. Their performance, battery life, and power are top notch. V2 is also known for their line’s reasonable prices.  Great for all vapors.  Vapor Hackers alike.


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#2: Halo E-Cigs

Halo Electronic Cigarettes

Halo Cigs e-cigarettes are clearly a superior brand, managing to reach the 2nd spot on our best e-cigs list. Halo offers many high-quality e-cigarette options and e-juices for vaper of all levels of experience. More popular for their flavorful USA-made e-juices, Halo Cigs offers the G6 Starter Kit for beginners, and the Triton Tank System Kit for more advanced users, as well as some of the most advanced e-cig mods on the market.

Value, power, battery life, portability, durability, style, and usability are among the many positive features of their outstanding e-cig starter kits.

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Ultimate E-Cig Ranking SCORE: 8/10

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#3: Mig Vapor

MigVapor Vapor Cigs

Mig Vapor (formerly Mig Cigs), with their exceptional standards and philosophies in manufacturing their unique e-cigarette kits, has come to #2 spot on our best e-cigs list. This brand guarantees a consistent 4.2 voltage for every kit that they release and has been successful in pleasing their customers through endless improvements in their existing models. Mig Vapor’s cig-a-likes and vaporizers are exceptionally loved for their durability, power, and ease of use.

MigVapor Brand Rating: 8.5/10

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#4: JUUL E-Cigs

Juul E-Cigs

JUUL, known in vaping circles as the Apple of Vaping, has reached the 4th on our list with its stylish and quality e-cigarette. The design is groundbreaking and one of the simplest-to-use e-cigs that you will come across. JUUL offers its own cartridges that contain liquid made from nicotine salts, which mimic more closely the flavor of natural tobacco.

These proprietary cartridges also make refilling the JUUL a breeze. All of these cool features and yet the JUUL is still an affordable option for any vaper. Though they only have a single e-cigarette product, JUUL’s high place on our list should make it clear what a standout product it is.

JUUL Brand Rating: 8.2/10

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#5: Apollo

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

Entering our list due to the variation of e-cigarette models that they offer, Apollo E-Cigs is one of the most admired brands when it comes to vaping gears today. From eGo kits to variable voltage devices, Apollo is an excellent brand for those who want to choose from different features, as they cater to diverse vaping preferences, budgets, and user levels.

A go-to e-cig company for newbies who have yet found their favorite vape, Apollo E-Cigs is justifiably one of the top brands in the industry.

Ultimate E-Cig Ranking SCORE: 7.5/10

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Best Electronic Cigarettes in 2017:
Best E-Cig Starter Kits:
Best Starter Kit
XEO Void Vape Pen
  • High Quality
  • Great Value
  • Leak-Proof
Best Cig-a-Like
V2 EX Series Starter Kit
  • Refillable Cartridges
  • Cigarette-Like Experience
  • Great for Ex-Smokers

Well that was our list of the best electronic cigarette brands for 2017, which features the most amazing, innovative e-cigs money can buy. But just like any other product, different types of e-cigarettes are suited to vapers with different styles and expectations. In other words, the best e-cig for beginners can be pretty much worthless for heavy smokers while a good e-cig for old hands can be too much to handle for newbies. That’s why we have added the best e-cigarettes by type, so you can easily find the best option according to your vaping desires.

Category Name Price Link
Best Miniature E-Cig VERTX E-Cig Starter Kit $49.95
The Tastiest Vapor XEO E-Cig $59.95
Best Cig-a-Likes EX Starter Kits $59.95
Best Advanced E-Cig Series 3 Starter Kit $59.99
Best E-Cig for Beginners:

V2 Vertx Miniature Vape Pen

For those who want to vape in style, but don’t want any additional hassle, the VERTX Starter Kit can be a great pick, because of its extremely elegant design. You can choose the nicotine level, and even the flavor by choosing from different options for your kit. Also, it’s one of the very few kits that comes with a wall charger, while most others only come with a USB cable.

Besides beautiful design and commendable performance, the VERTX is extremely easy to use. Just charge up the battery, fill up the tank with your favorite e-juice, and enjoy. The kit is available for $49.95 and shipping takes between 2-5 days.

Check out manufacturer’s website for more details and customization choices.

Best Advanced E-Cig
Vapor 2 Trinity

Vapor 2 Trinity advanced e-cigs

V2’s TRINITY Vaporizer Kit is the new vape of choice for advanced users everywhere. The vape doesn’t hold back with its customization options, offering adjustable temperature, airflow, and wattage settings as well as two atomizers. These options, paired with V2’s commitment to power, quality, and ease-of-use, make the TRINITY an authoritative choice for users looking to perfect their vaping experience. The $99.95 kit includes the vaporizer, two atomizers (1.2 ohm and 0.8 ohm), tank, and USB charger.

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