Los Angeles E-cig Ban Now In Effect

If you live in Los Angeles you have already heard the news.  With Los Angeles jumping on the bandwagon that e-cigs are effectively the same as regular cigarettes, we may be seeing these headlines more often.

As of this article date the FDA only covers electronic cigarettes marketed for therapeutic purposes.  The FDA chief says a ruling is coming soon.  The FDA has showed signs of wanting electronic cigarettes to fall under the category of tobacco products.  Electronic cigarette companies, being much smaller than tobacco companies, are complaining that these new types of laws will hurt small business, and also hurt consumers trying to quit smoking.

e-cig juice viles

photo: Katherine Jones/The Idaho Statesman, via Associated Press

These rules and laws seem to be linked to the selling and marketing of flavored e-cig juices for now.  Senator Jeff Merkley has already publicly said to Reuters that makers of these products are ‘disgraceful’ and it’s “an insidious strategy to addict our children to nicotine.”   The Verge recently had an article about how ‘Accidental Poisonings from Electronic Cigarettes are Becoming More Common’.   The New York Times recently investigated the amount of deaths that have been caused by these e-juices and they have found 1 death by a man that reportedly injected the e-juice to commit suicide.  All articles regarding the e-juice have pointed out that most accidents have happened to children and that they are occurring more often because of the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes.  So why the ban on smoking e-cigarettes in public when accidents are happening from the liquid nicotine bottles?  It seems like the reasonable response would be to look into laws and regulations regarding child safe bottles.

Headlines like these aren’t going to go away anytime soon and may actually become more rampant.  Many consider the electronic cigarettes market to be a new industry in disarray.  The fact is right now electronic cigarettes are becoming much more popular.  It’s hard to tell what impact it is having on the sales of traditional cigarettes.  However, one fact that is glaringly obvious to us here at VaporHack, the problem is not the industry as a whole but the e-juice bottles.  Banning the use of e-cigs from bars and other public areas doesn’t seem to be addressing the real problem.  Although it certainly helps conveys to the public that officials are considering electronic cigarettes to be the same as traditional cigarettes, and maybe that’s a great start in this new battle.
video: Kate Larsen reports for the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. Friday, April 18, 2014.

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