University College London: Vaping Helps Smokers Quit


University College London: Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

University College London has found that vaping helps smokers quit. The study was unable to determine exactly how many smokers were able to quit with ecigs in 2014, but they came up with an estimate of 22,000. The UK has been much more progressive and unbiased than US based research. In the UK, Public Health Engand has previously found that vaping is 95% safer than smoking and even Prime Minister David Cameron is an advocate of electronic cigarettes.

This study did find that vaping helps smokers quit and it showed a lot more than that, too. Recently, in the US, special interests have paid for research that is reported to show that vaping can impair the effort to quit smoking. Furthermore, those US studies try to claim that ecigs lead to smoking. While ECCR has previosuly exposed the ridiculous methodolgy these faux studies employed to deliver ridiculous results, the University College London ecig study confirmed the obvious and what we have known all along and that is that vaping among people who have never smoked is extrememely rare. Sorry, Stanton Glantz, your theories don’t hold water.

It is estimated that 4 million people in the US now smoke instead of vape. We hear stories from people all the time thanking us for helping them choose the best ecig that has helped them switch from smoke to vapor. The FDA has received tens of thousands of testimonials. So while it is no suprise to us hearing that vaping helps smokers quit it is nice to see an accredited, reviewed study back up what the vaping community so intimately knows.

Usually, ecig studies from the US are published by people or groups who are trying to paint as negative a portrait of vaping as possible. Of course the media laps up the negativity like thirsty kittens being led so easily by paid schills in lab coats. Too harsh? I wish it weren’t true. So, when we see an honest vaping study, it is such a refreshing moment.

The researchers involved are not ecig advocates, in fact they are skeptics. Their skepticism shows in how they portray the conclusions. Nonetheless, the conclusions themselves cannot be denied. Vaping is helping smokers in the UK quit tobacco. This is fantastic news and one can only hope that American researchers begin to recognize the potential of vaping to save lives.

Study Shows Vaping Helps Smokers Quit

vaping helps smokers quit

The University College London has published the results of an ecig study in the journal Addiction. Study author Professor Robert West said, “E-cigarettes appear to be helping a significant number of smokers to stop who would not have done otherwise. Not as many as some e-cigarette enthusiasts claim, but a substantial number nonetheless.”

The study shows that ecig are playing a role in helping people in the UK reduce their risk of tobacco harm. Smoking is still a serious issue in the UK as it is in most countries around the world. In England, the smoking stats as of 2014 were:

  • In early 2014, 19.3% of people over 16 years of age in England smoked cigarettes, that percetnage equates to 8.46 million people
  • During 2014, 37.3% of the English smoking population attempted to quit at least one time (3.16 million people)
  • Of those individuals who tried to quit, 28.2% or 891,000 people, used ecigarettes rather than other nicotine replacement therapies like the patch or gums.
  • At the 1-year mark, the success rate for quitting cold turkey is about 5%.
  • Data shows that using an ecigs in a quit attempt increases the chances of success by around 50%, compared with no help or buying nicotine replacement items from a shop.
  • It is estimated that 2.5% of the smokers who used an electronic cigarette in their attempt to quit in England (22,000 individual people) succeeded who would have failed if they had used nothing or an NRT.

So as you can see, the number 22,000 is potentially a very low estimate. The data shows that vaping increases the chance of successfully quitting by 50%. That’s big takeaway. Of course researchers did not track what type of elecgronic cigarettes were used or how they were used. As we know, an additional factor is the type of electronic cigarette that is being used.

Vaping increases the chances of quitting by 50% Vs OTC NRTs. – Study

While numbers how vaping helps smokers quit, it is important for anyone reading this article to understand that the type of electronic cigarette that you choose is absolutely pivotal in the potential success of your effort to switch from vape to smoke. Some ecigs are crap, for example the ones you see in gas stations and convenience stores. Some ecigs are exceptional. US brands like Apollo and VaporFi are amazing brands offering impeccable quality. Look at our editor ecig reviews for more details about the best ecigarettes.

It is great to hear researchers confirming that vaping helps smokers quit. While this is hardly news in the vaping community, more like common knowledge, the fact that researchers are beginning to admit the truth about vaping is a good sign. It is our hope that the special interests in the US will finally recognize that vaping is the counter to smoking that we have been waiting for.


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