Vaping 101: The Questions Everyone Asks (whether they admit it or not)

Vaping 101: The Questions Everyone Asks (whether they admit it or not)

Vaping 101: The Questions Everyone Asks (whether they admit it or not)


Words and photo by Erin Hedrick

Questions are inevitable. They come up in our everyday lives, and they most certainly come up when getting into a new hobby. While vaping is arguably a smoking cessation tool, as well as a growing hobby, questions still arise. You’ve entered a brand new world just ripe with possibilities, but the information can be a bit overwhelming. Together we’ve combed over a lot of information, but you’re undoubtedly left with questions still—specific questions that don’t always come up in beginner columns like this. So this time around I’m bringing you Vaping 101: the FAQ Edition. Now, hopefully an employee (if you purchase in-person from a shop) explains some of these to you, but just in case …

How long will my battery last?
OK, so this one depends on a few things: first, what battery model do you have? Second, how often are you hitting the device, and third, what sort of device do you have? Mod users have to take additional variables into account, such as voltage and wattage, in addition to the ones previously mentioned. Most batteries can last anywhere from five to six hours to a few days. I’ve had batteries (my Jellyfish, for instance) last for a week! Then again, I’m not constantly puffing, so my experience in this department may not be the best to go off of (haha).

Why did the light on my device change color?
Your battery is dying! Quick, recharge it or swap it out (it’s not a bad idea to keep a spare battery fully-charged at all times)! If you run your battery’s juice all the way down, you’ll most likely notice a decrease in overall performance.

My e-cigarette is producing an odor when I use it. What’s up with that?
There are two possible answers here. If what you’re smelling smells good, and is in line with the name of your e-liquid, that’s what it is. That’s perfectly normal. Now, if what you’re smelling smells burnt, that’s not normal. Well, it is, but not in a good way. It could be a sign that you’re low on e-liquid or that your wick is going bad—both which are common issues with e-cigarettes and easy fixes.

It’s gurgling when I try to inhale. What’s with that?
This is another common issue that every vaper faces at some point or another—usually many times over. Generally speaking, leaks and floods result from adding too much e-liquid to your device. Check for loose pieces, too, which could cause the same thing to happen.

Why isn’t my device working?
Hopefully this is an easy fix. Press the “on” button on your device five times, rapidly. The light around it should flicker, and then bam! You’re good to go. If it still isn’t working, your battery may need to be charged.

How long will my coil last?
Again, this one depends on a few things. Typically, though, a few weeks to a month, depending on how frequently you use your e-cigarette.

My throat hurts when I vape. Why is that?
Vaping is a different experience than traditional smoking, and it does require a bit of a learning curve. You may also be vaping at too high of a nicotine level, which can cause stress to your throat.

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How long will a bottle of e-liquid last me?
Well, that depends entirely on how much you vape. I’ve seen a 30 ml bottle last people months if they’re casual vapers. I’ve also seen a 30 ml bottle last just a few weeks.

Are e-cigarettes cheaper than analogs?
In the long run, most definitely. A good kit can cost you around $100, but if used as a smoking cessation tool, you will definitely be spending less on e-liquid, etc. than packs of cigarettes. Keep track, if you’d like. Before you switch to vaping, track the amount of money you spend on analog cigarettes. Then see how much you spend the following month on e-liquid and compare.

Should I use e-cigarettes to quit smoking?
This is really a personal choice; however, I’ve seen plenty of people successfully quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes by vaping. The health benefits are nothing to scoff at.

How similar is vaping to smoking?
Very similar—enough to convince even the most seasoned of smokers. The vapor feels and looks like smoke, and it delivers nicotine in a similar manner. And, it satisfies the hand-to-mouth habit we all know and love.

Can I use my e-cigarette anywhere?
Well … this is an ongoing question. While there are no federal laws (as of the time this article was written) overseeing the vaping industry, every state has different legislation pertaining to the industry. Private businesses also reserve the right to ban vaping on their premises. Please be respectful of other’s policies. Smoking has a bad enough reputation, and we don’t want that for vaping!

I use my e-cigarette more than I smoked. Is that all right?
Well, in my opinion, anything is better than actually smoking. Many people report vaping more often at first than they ever smoked. This could be for a few reasons. One, it’s more convenient than lighting up. Two, if you’re using your e-cigarette to quit smoking, it could be a result of consciously breaking a familiar habit. Three, you may be using too low of a nicotine level than you’re used to, which is causing you to feel the need to use your e-cigarette more frequently.

What’s the difference between e-juice and e-liquid?
Nothing. It’s just a matter of preference in terms. They’re one in the same, however many companies prefer the term “e-liquid” to be taken more seriously.

Newbie A-Z

Throat Hit: A sensation the vaper feels in the back of his or her throat as he or she inhales an e-cig. The way a throat hit feels varies per user and depends on a few factors: nicotine level, e-liquid quality, proper vaping usage, etc.

Base Liquid: This is the liquid to which nicotine and flavoring are added create e-liquid. The two most common base liquids are known as VG and PG. Propylene Glycol (PG): Natural, colorless, odorless organic compound that is classified as “generally recognized as safe” for use as a food additive by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Vegetable Glycol (VG): An organic compound used to sweeten various products.

Cut/Cutting: The process of diluting e-liquid to achieve the desired nicotine level.

Drip Shield: The drip shield is a round metal or plastic tube that slips over your atomizer. If leaking occurs on your atomizer, the liquid will leak into the drip shield instead of leaking onto your device.

FDA: The abbreviated form of the (U.S.) Food and Drug Administration. Head: A slang term used to encompass all attys, cartos, clearos, etc.

Logo_SFATA_10141Here’s the latest podcast from SFATA’s newsletter, sent to Agent VAPE:

SFATA’s podcast is Clearing the Haze on the vapor industry and highlighting the networks we have made to better serve our members.

This week, we speak with the nation’s most recognized leader on taxes; Grover Norquist. For more than 30 years, Norquist has been at the front of the movement against excessive taxes. As the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, Norquist has taken a keen interest in legislation around the country that threatens to squash the vapor industry with sin-taxes that treat these products the same as combusted tobacco.

Norquist made news last year when he said that the 2016 presidential election could be decided by the millions of vapers. SFATA President Cynthia Cabrera and Norquist talk about the election, taxes and much more in the most recent episode of Clearing the Haze.

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The use of e-cigarettes led smokers away from analogs before and after surgery, says a new study from the Mayo Clinic. Researchers studied adult smokers between December 2014 and June 2015 who were scheduled for surgery. According to, 75 people in the study were asked to vape instead of smoke. The patients recorded their daily usage and were debriefed at both the 14- and 30-day marks.

Study results included:

  • 87 percent tried an e-cigarette
  • after 30 days, that percentage fell to 51 percent, but those who stuck with it said they’d continue to vape
  • average number of cigarettes consumed fell from 15.6 per person to 7.6, amounting to a 51.3 percent decrease said that the study “will add weight to the arguments made by some public health professionals that e-cigarettes, while not 100 percent safe, can serve as a critical tool to reduce the harms and hazards associated with regular smoking.” However, the researchers say that more work and research needs to be done.

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The Utah Legislature has introduced a bill (HB333) last month that would see a 86.5 percent tax on e-cigarettes in the state. This would be the same taxation that is placed on “other non-cigarette tobacco products,” according to a story in The Salt Lake Tribune.

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Paul Ray (R-Clinton) told the Tribune that e-cigarettes aren’t taxed now because they are relatively new and have never been put into the tax code as a tobacco product.

“It has nicotine in it, so it is a tobacco product,” Ray said. He cited trying to cut down e-cigarette use in teens as a reason for the proposed tax, saying that e-cigarettes are targeting youth with various marketing campaigns. He said that he would use the revenue to “improve health care in rural areas.” Other lawmakers would like to see the revenue help expand Medicaid benefits.

Various lawmakers and e-cigarette supporters, such as SFATA, have spoken out against the tax.

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Sweden’s Supreme Administrative Court has decided that e-cigarettes are not medical products, overturning a previous decision from judicial decision allowing the country’s Medical Products Agency to ban e-cigarette sales, according to Previously the drug agency had been able to ban sales, but the court’s ruling said, “To be a medical product, it must have the ability to prevent or treat a disease and, therefore, provide a beneficial effect on human health.”

Since e-cigarettes “do not contain instructions on how they could be used to reduce the consumption of cigarettes or nicotine addiction,” the court decided that it would lift the restriction.

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