Vaporesso Target 75 VTC Kit Review

Vaporesso Target 75 VTC Kit Review



Price: $69.99

Wattage: 5W-75W
Temp Ctrl: 300°F-600°F/150°C-315°C
Resistance: 0.15 or above

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Sick of classic box mods and tube mods? Looking for a vaping device with a refreshing design, above-average power output and temperature control technology? Then the new Vaporesso Target 75 VTC may just be the mod you’ve been waiting for. Featuring a completely unique looking mod inspired by vintage gaming joysticks, a new ceramic coil sub-ohm tank that Vaporesso calls “a real game changer”, the Target 75 VTC kit was a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to review.

I for one had never heard of Vaporesso before, so I did a bit of a background check of the brand. It turns out they are an offshoot of Smoore Technology, a large Shenzen-based ODM/OEM company with a workforce of over 3,000 people that has been working with big names in the tobacco and e-cigarette industries since 2006. Through the Vaporesso brand, Smoore aims to use its extensive experience in vaping goods manufacturing to target the Western advanced vaping equipment market. Let’s take a look at one of their first offerings, the Target 75 VTC starter kit:


A Look at the Contents

The Vaporesso Target 75 VTC kit consists of a Target 75 VTC mod, a Target cCELL sub-ohm tank with a pre-installed ceramic kanthal coil head, a Ni200 ceramic coil head for temperature control vaping, a USB charging cable for the mod and a user manual. It’s a nice package, but like with most mods on the market these days, you’ll need to buy or make your own e-liquid, as well as batteries to be ready to vape.

Vaporesso Target 75 VTC mod

While it may not affect its performance, the design is one of the main selling points of the Target 75 VTC. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that this mod looks unlike any vaping device on the market today. If not for the classic 510 connection at the top, I could swear it was the upper part of one of those early 90’s joysticks that I used to play flight simulators with on my PC. It even has a plastic fire button styled like a joystick trigger. As an avid gamer, I have to say I love the design of the Target, and just looking at it and holding it in my hand really took me on a walk down memory lane. At the same time, I realize that it’s very different than what most mods look like, and that it may not appeal to everybody.


The plastic buttons, for example may seem cheap to some, but they really do fit in the overall gaming feel of the device, and they are actually quite sturdy and responsive. The body of the Target 75 VTC, on the other hand looks and feels to be of high quality. Made of zinc alloy and stainless steel, it has a ceramic coating that feels very smooth and yet ensures a nice grip, in part thanks to the ergonomic design of the unit.

The battery compartment of the Vaporesso Target 75 VTC is so well camouflaged that when I first saw the micro-USB port at the bottom of the device, I thought it had a built-in rechargeable battery, so I plugged it into my computer for charging. The display turned on and it showed a fully charged battery icon. Only when I unplugged it, the screen turned off and pressing the fire button three or five times didn’t do anything. Confused, I decided to take a look at the user manual, and discovered that the back of the mod, which is covered with a leather-textured plastic was the battery cover and that you need to insert an 18650 battery to power it.


After reading the manual, I noticed the battery cover does feature a couple of red arrows showing you which way to pull in order to detach it, but I had thought them only aesthetic elements and wouldn’t have figured out the “puzzle” myself. You need to grab the plastic-covered part of the mod and yank it off to access the battery compartment. Be sure to put some muscle into it, as this magnetic battery cover doesn’t come off as easily as on mods like the Koopor Mini or SMOK X Cube 2. On the bright side, it also doesn’t wobble at all.

I prefer to use an external charger to recharge my batteries, but you can also use the USB cable included in the kit to recharge the battery without taking it out of the mod. As I understand, the micro-USB port can also be used to update the firmware of the device in the future.


The top side of the Target 75 VTC houses a stainless steel 510 connection with a spring loaded pin, while the bottom of the device features battery venting holes. On the side of the device, you have the trigger-like fire button, an OLED display and two ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the wattage and temperature in TC mode.

Using the Target 75 VTC is a fairly straightforward affair. Pressing the fire button five times in rapid succession powers on the device. Repeating the process tuns it back off. You can rotate the display by pressing the fire button three times rapidly, and lock it for safe storing by keeping the fire button and ‘+’ pressed for three seconds. Once the display shows the “System Locked” message, you can safely put in your pocket or purse without having to worry about accidental activation.


Like the VPark TC100 VT/VW box mod, the Vaporesso Target 75 VTC completely does away with a setting menu, relying instead on button combinations and automatic atomizer resistance detection. For example, to switch between wattage and temperature control modes, you simply keep the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons pressed for three seconds. Whenever you change atomizers, the device asks you to confirm if it is a new coil or the same to help it better detect the resistance. It does a good job in this regard, always showing accurate readings of the coils I used.

The Target also detect the kind of coils you are using. When trying to vape in temperature control mode with a kanthal wire coil head, the “Not Ni200 coil” message shows up on screen, and it switches to wattage mode. On the other hand, when trying to use an Ni200 coil in wattage mode, it allows you to do so.


In wattage mode, the Target 75 VTC has a range of 5W – 75W, while in the temperature mode, it goes from 300°F-600°F/150°C-315°C. A small con I want to mention here is that scrolling through the wattage and temperature settings is a bit slow. Going from the lowest wattage, 5W, all the way to the full 75W, takes a full 45 seconds. Other high-power mods tend to pick up speed if you keep the button pressed long enough, but not the Target. Otherwise, the mod works great in both wattage and temperature mode, and has probably the lowest fire delay of all the mods I’ve ever used. Just press the button and it fires almost instantly.

In terms of user safety, the Target 75 VTC includes all the features we usually see in regulated mods: overheating protection, low battery protection, short circuit protection, low resistance protection and reverse battery polarity protection.


Target cCELL Tank

While the Target 75 VTC mod was a very nice surprise, the true star of the Vaporesso starter kit is the tank, or, more precisely, the revolutionary cCELL coils it comes with.

Design-wise, the Target tank doesn’t really stand out from the dozens of high-quality sub-ohm tanks on the market these days. Made of stainless steel and pyrex glass, the 22 mm, 3.5 ml, bottom-filling tank looks rather average, but in this case, it’s what is inside that counts.


Vaporesso believes its new cCELL ceramic coil will be a “real game changer” and there are quite a number of notable voices in the community that actually agree, based on preliminary impressions. What really sets this new product apart from all the rest is that the heating element is completely wickless. Instead of cotton, it uses a special kind of porous ceramic developed by Vaporesso. The kanthal coil is cast inside the ceramic through a process known as sintering.

Vaporesso admits that there is a piece of organic cotton used in the cCELL, but it is wrapped around the outside of the ceramic cylinder, acting as an anti-leakage sealant. The cotton does not come into direct contact with the heating element, and does not influence the taste of the vapor. The heating process takes place inside the ceramic cylinder.


According to Vaporesso, “the ceramic coil maximizes the efficiency of e-liquid absorption and heating, it produces the same level of vapor at a lower wattage setting compared to most mainstream coils, with the extra benefits of no spitting, no dry hits, self cleaning, better flavor and a longer life-cycle”. That’s a great marketing statement, but at least some of what they say is actually true.

The cCELL ceramic coil heads produce the clearest flavor I have ever gotten as a vapor, and I’ve tried a few things. I’m a big fan of RDAs and good quality tank coil heads like those of the SMOK TFV4, but flavor-wise, the ceramic technology of the cCELL is sensibly superior. With cotton wicking, the taste of any juice begins to change after a few refills, but that just hasn’t happened to me while using the cCELL.


Even more impressive is the so-called self-cleaning of the ceramic element. It just so happens that my very first experience with the cCELL coil was a very unpleasant one. I had trusted Vaporesso’s recommendation to use the pre-installed o.9Ω coil head at 35 watts, for the best flavor and vapor production. I filled the Target Tank with some Space Jam Andromeda Juice, left it to saturate for a good 30 minutes, and took a hit. It was one of the worse dry hits I have ever gotten.

Now, if that had happened with a cotton wick coil head, it would have been ruined, but this is ceramic w’re talking about here. All I did was lower the wattage to 25 watts, let the heating element cool off for a few minutes and when I took the second hit, there was no noticeable burnt taste. I later learned that was thanks to the self-cleaning properties of the porous ceramic. Even if you crank the wattage too high, because there is no cotton coming into contact with the heating element, the burnt taste isn’t permanent.


As for why I got a dry hit at 35 watts, well, the math wasn’t really right to me from the start. I usually vape at 30 – 35 watts with 0.5Ω coils, so the 0.9Ω one didn’t really make much sense, but I thought I’d follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. It didn’t work out, but even at 22 – 25 watts, I got amazing flavor and above average vapor production.

Regarding the life-cycle of the ceramic coil head, I can see it being longer than cotton wick ones, especially when using high VG or dark e-liquids, which tend to generate high amounts of gunk, affecting the flavor of the juice. What I can say is that I have been using the same cCELL coil head for a week now and it’s still going strong.


Design-wise, cCELL coil heads are almost identical to the ones for the Aspire Atlantis, and Vaporesso confirms that they are actually compatible with the Atlantis and a number of other popular sub-ohm tanks, which is definitely a plus. If you don’t need another tank, but want to check out the capabilities of this new ceramic technology, you can just buy cCELL coil heads separately.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of resistances to choose from for the cCELL at this time. The Vaporesso Target 75 VTC comes with an 0.9Ω kanthal coil head for variable wattage mode, and an 0.2Ω Ni200 coil head for temperature control. While 0.9Ω is still technically sub-ohming, and it produces a decent amount of vapor, it’s not going to chug the vapor. But, personally, I don’t think it’s meant to. Instead, I think it’s meant o emphasize the great flavor you get from using the cCELL.


The Ni200, on the other hand, is a real cloud machine, although on the Target 75 VTC mod you need to crank up the temperature a bit higher than on other high-wattage mods in order to really bring the best out of it. However, with the controversy surrounding nickel coils right now, I don’t know if it was really the best choice of material. The scary thing is that inexperienced vapers are using Ni200 coils in wattage mode, which can cause them to release toxic elements. They are only meant for temperature control, but some people don’t know this, so maybe it would be best if the industry would move on to other materials completely, just to be safe. We already have a couple of better options, like titanium and stainless steel, so hopefully Vaporesso will release other temperature control options in the near future.

Overall, I was really pleased with the cCELL coil heads – did I mentioned they are 24K gold-plated – the flavor was phenomenal, the self-cleaning thing was a nice surprise, they are compatible with a wide variety of tanks, and just the fact that they bring something new to the table really impressed me. I do still have some doubts about whether they area real game changer, though. For example, we don’t yet know much about this ceramic material. Vaporesso claims that it will not crumble and release dust particles larger than 12µm into the vapor, thanks to the cotton layers wrapped around the ceramic cylinder filtering them, but we’ll just have to wait and see if that is actually true.


For now, though, the cCELL looks very promising.

In conclusion, the Vaporesso Target 75 VTC starter kit turned out to be a massive surprise for me. I had never heard of this brand before, I wasn’t really expecting much, but the whole package just blew me away. The build quality and design of the Target mod is superb, it performs as it should both in wattage and TC modes, and it’s really easy to use and set up. The Target Tank is your run of the mill sub-ohm tank, but it’s carried by the new ceramic cCELL coil heads, about which I’m sure we will be hearing a lot more of in the very near future.

Value wise, the Vaporesso Target starter kit is decently priced at $80 at Heaven Gifts. It might seem like a lot of money, and I’m not saying it’s the cheapest package on the market, but remember that you are getting a high-quality, high-power variable wattage/temperature control mod and a sub-ohm tank with potentially revolutionary ceramic coils. It’s not a bad deal, to be honest, and the price is sure to go down as the Vaporesso brand gains some traction and more shops start carrying its products.


Personally, I’m going to be keeping an eye on Vaporesso, and I suggest you do too. These guys mean business.

Get the Vaporesso Target 75 VTC for $69.99

You can find the innovative Vaporesso Target 75 VTC at Vapor DNA, for just $69.99


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