Wales Lucks Out By Last Minute Ecig Ban Failure

Wales Lucks Out By Last Minute Ecig Ban Failure

The ecig ban craziness continues and it isn’t resigning itself to the United States. Wales was all set to enact their own ecig ban as part of a larger bill that would also create a licensing system for tattoo artists among other things. What do electronic cigarettes have to do with that bill? Well, nothing relating to the rest of it, but it was a clever way to get in yet another shot at vapor. This time, thankfully, it didn’t work.

It wasn’t for lack of trying though; it was merely some luck that saved Welsh vapors from the ecig ban. There was already a coalition in place to vote for this bill, until one Member of Parliament made a small but significant mistake. Somewhere along the way in the discussion, Public Services Minister Leighton Andrews from the Labour party managed to throw a sleight in the direction of the Plaid Cymru party. Leighton was heard calling the smaller Plaid Cymru a “cheap date” and that set off a political brouhaha that would sink the bill.

From there accusations were hurled across the aisle. Labour members called Plaid Cymru childish in failing to pass the bill because of a few choice words. For their part, members of Plaid Cymru attested that they couldn’t accept the apology from Mr. Andrews and instead had to teach the Labour party a lesson. None of this matters to many people outside of Wales and probably not many people within the country either. But as it happens, this political back and forth ended up saving Wales from an ecig ban, meaning they simply lucked out.

Ecig Ban A Bad Idea

Vapor rights activists exhale vapor from their e-cigarette before attending a city council meeting in New YorkWales lucked out because an ecig ban is a bad idea and always has been. There has been this rush to get such bans in place in certain parts of the world and even here in the United States, but this is all based on fear. Fear is the driver of this push, not rationale.

A fear that vaping will lead teens to smoking, for instance. Even though the data actually shows that banning ecigs is what leads teens to smoke.

There is plenty of this type of thinking that needs to be combated.

Sometimes the urge to ban ecigarettes even hurts the poor and disabled, such as the ecig ban on HUD premises. It seems that all too often ecigs just get swept up in the anti-cigarette causes and that is more than just wrong, it makes things worse. Electronic cigarettes have become a real alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and they have been changing the lives of millions of people. Yet, for some reason, so many public figures are doing their utmost to reject this fact and replace it with fear.

We can chuckle a bit at what just happened in Wales, because it is rather silly that an ecig ban would fail to pass after one lawmaker called another party a cheap date. That’s funny, right? What isn’t funny is how easy it has become for politicians everywhere to pick up steam for this anti-vaping cause. We need to tell them this is unacceptable. We need to tell them that vapor is changing our lives and it has the potential to change millions more. An ecig ban is exactly the opposite of what needs to be happening, and we need our elected officials to understand that.

Let’s make sure that we don’t need to “luck out” with a failed eig ban because of something as trivial as political name-calling. The future of electronic cigarettes is too important for that. The future of smokers is too.



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